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DH 120 | August 2 | It's all about...Digestion

Trucking: DestinationHealth It's all about...Digestion, Digestion, Digestion, Join Kevin Rutherford and Kim Cockerham as they guide you to a vibrant healthy life on the road. In real estateĀ it's, location, location, location. In business it's, relationships, relationships, relationships. In trucking, it's fuel mileage, fuel mileage, fuel mileage. In health it's digestion, digestion, digestion. We now realize that in order to live a healthy vibrant life, you have to eat a nutrient dense clean diet. It's just as important to be able to digest that diet or your body can't access the nutrients. Today we'll discuss SIBO and Leaky gut and touch on how they impact all Autoimmune conditions.